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We cater for schools of all sizes

School FetesWe offer our amusement equipment for hire or profit share. Let's get started . An obligation free phone call will get things underway. Pick up the phone and call 96060891.

Now let's check the date you've chosen, if it's in the spring time it is in the busy season and several dates have already been booked with fetes we operate each year. So if you can have an alternate date or even consider a mid week fete.

Let us take the worry out of the Amusements supply for your Fete, we have the knowledge and expertise to help advise you on what rides and game would be best suited for your Fete.

We supply Amusements Equipment for HIRE you hire the equipment, we supply, set up and operate the equipment, you collect the profits on the day or PROFIT SHARE we supply and operate the equipment, with no monetary outlay for you, we charge and collect the takings and give your organisation a share of the profits. We suggest the school presell vouchers for unlimited ride bands at an agreed cost usually $25, the students redeem these vouchers at the ticket box on the day, time for fun.

School FetesOn the day we will sell unlimited ride bands for $30. Each Single Tickets $5. Or 5 Tickets for $20.

We do not require the School to presell a certain number, however the more that are sold before the event is a saving to the students and parents. Those coming on the day will have extra money in their pockets to spend at the Fete, meaning more money for the School.

Suggestions for creating even more profit, these are pay as you go, separate to the unlimited ride pass. We accept cash or tickets. Your organisation will receive a percentage of the profits on the day.
We can supply you with Side Show Alley Games that create a Festive atmosphere, with our large selection of games we will have something to suit everyone.

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